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a central theme of history and imagination

As part of the Art and About Festival, presented by the City of Sydney and Intimate Spectacle The Walking Neighbourhood took to the streets of Kings Cross and Redfern over a three week residency.

REDFERN “What would this neighbourhood be like without children”

Six young people joined us from a variety of OSHC (Outside School Hours Care) centres in Redfern to participate in The Walking Neighbourhood. We presented six sold out shows over three days. Our six young and confident guides presented five walking tours that took audiences all over Redfern and into Waterloo. History and imagination was a central theme on our Redfern tours, as the guides made very conscious decisions about how they wanted their audiences to feel. Holly, whose tour was called the Imagination Tour, wanted her audience to remember what it felt like to be a kid again, as she ventured to the Redfern Park, encouraged game playing and drawing within the public art work / playground.  While, Ken’s Around the Block tour included a stop at the Tent Embassy where audiences got to speak with organiser Aunty Jenny, many commented that they would never have visited this significant place if it wasn’t for their eleven year old guide introducing them and showing them the way.  Other guides explored local back streets, icons, were told stories and the history of this nationally recognised neighbourhood.

This group worked very quickly to develop their walking tours, as thought they had been preparing them in their minds for some time prior. The departure Lounge was in the 107 Projects on Redfern street and made the perfect intimate starting and finishing points. Thanks to everyone who supported these projects.

Project Gallery

The Team

Facilitating Artists: Karen Batten, Claire Christian, Nick Gell, Billy McPherson, Matt Prest
Creative Advisor & Original Concept: Lenine Bourke
Producer:  Harley Stumm (Intimate Spectacle)
Project Manager: Jennie Bradbury
Sound Producer: Phil Downing
Technician: Aden Wessels
Photography: Lucy Parakhina & Olga Nebot
Videographer: Dara Gill


Lillian Jean Shaddick
Olga Nebot
Chloe Huang
Leisa Riley-Stewart
Aaron Wormald
Elise Brokensha
Kevin Cheng Li
Joanna Karcz
Elysia Ling
Cybele Lemnos
Christie Woodhouse
Rose Maher
Lesley Bradbury
Wendy Buswell
Soumva Rao
Deb Michaels
Beatrice Giorgi
Duncan Maurice
David Scott
Nathalia Kharina

Thanks to our Supporters

After School and Vacation Care, Redfern Community Centre
Afterschool and Vacation Care, Woolloomooloo
City of Sydney Events Team: Simon Walkom, Gill Minnervini, Stephen Gilby, Amy Foreman, Liza Bahamondes

The Walking Neighbourhood was produced by Intimate Spectacle for Art & About Sydney, in partnership with City of Sydney’s Woolloomooloo Children’s Program and Redfern Children’s Program, and with 107 Projects.

If you’re interested in bringing the show to your festival, venue or community, get in touch with us to discuss.